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From Lockdown! 200 feet below sea level from a bunker....

Crazy times! Like many of you my last gig was March 12th with prog metal band Dinner Music For The Gods.  My main gig with the Le Reve production show at the Wynn Resort closed on March 13th.  And like many I'm quarantining in my studio. Writing, recording music , and pushing forward on my guitar. My band The Hot Club of Las Vegas has been recording videos called "Quarantunes" Check them out on social media!  And I've posted a lot of new videos on my YouTube channel.  One positive thing to come out of this is teaching via Zoom. I'm surprised but it works! Contact me if you're interested in a Zoom lesson with me.... Vegas is reopening (stage 2) on June 4th but there's no news in sight for the city's entertainment business....

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I'm having a lot of fun with my channel and would like to raise my youtube presence! Lots of new content is up thanks to the "lockdown." As always I'm looking at products like stomp box pedals and plugins from a professional perspective. If I do a vid on a product it's because I like it but I'll also be honest and tell you what I don't like. For instance I have a new video I'm working on about the Zendrive pedal. I was chasing the Robben Ford tone and wasn't getting any "magic sauce" out of it.... Problem solved on the new vid! 

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